Volunteering at Craigtoun

As a charity, the Friends of Craigtoun rely heavily on volunteers in all areas of the park and, although we have a great core team, we are always in need of more.  We have a huge variety of activities that potential new volunteers can get involved in such as tractor / train driving, supervising attractions, cafe assistance, gardening, painting, maintenance, fund raising and even face painting!  We have several larger projects that will require some project management and lots of hands on work.  Whether you are available for regular volunteering or one-off events, we would love to hear from you.

Corporate Volunteering

As well as individual volunteers, we have also welcomed groups from local and national businesses to the park and benefited from their services either in one-off volunteer days or a series of days organised as part of their company’s Corporate Volunteering programme.  We would be delighted to have more of these volunteers in the park so if you think this is something that your workplace might be interested in, please get in touch.

Getting Started

To find out more about volunteering at Craigtoun, please e-mail us at: , call us on: 01334 472013 or simply click here to download our Volunteer Registration Form, which you can complete and return to us at your leisure.

Volunteer Testimonials

To give you a volunteer’s perspective on volunteering at Craigtoun, we will be publishing a fortnightly Spotlight On Volunteering blog post, which you can link to below and we are kicking off this series with a testimonial from Ian, who has taken on a very special role at Craigtoun, as you will read!

Ian’s Story

Jan’s Story

Eric’s Story

Peggy’s Story

Gina & Rob’s Story

Pupil Support Services

Elaine’s Story