Dutch Volunteers

We were contacted earlier in the year by 2 Dutch students looking to do some overseas volunteering as part of their college course and their working holiday finally materialised at the end of April. Stijn and Cas spent 2 days chipping the newly cleared seating area behind the lodge then a day painting the fences around the railway track. When the seasonal attractions opened at the weekend, we took them off the manual labour and, after some safety training, they were able to assist our seasonal staff by manning the Boats and the Go-karts for a day. They were rewarded for all their hard work with the opportunity to relax and enjoy the park as visitors on the last day of their visit, taking in all the attractions and joining in with the Pokemon event. They were a pleasure to have around the park and, who knows, we might be contacted again next year by their college once they've told their fellow students how well they were received!

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