History in the Park 2024

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This year’s History in the Park event takes us back to 1020 AD.  King Malcolm II rules over Alba, the kingdom that will one day become Scotland. Against a background of shifting borders, skirmishes and raids, two young men are rising to prominence: one is called Duncan, the other is called Macbeth.  In centuries to come, a man named Shakespeare will try to tell their tale.

Visit the Historical Encampment to learn how the early medieval period formed Scotland.  See the kinds of things people wore and ate, behold accurate replicas of the treasures they hoarded and discover lost crafts brought to life by enthusiasts. 

Meet craftspeople both historic and modern at our Traders Encampment where historical charities and traders will be offering further insight into this period of history as well as selling accurate historical replicas and other items.

Each day will feature multiple small skirmishes in our arena, a wandering falconer and birds from raptor world, opportunities to try your hand at historic crafts and an hour-long show battle between King Malcolm’s forces and the Vikings.

Schools and home-schooled families have the opportunity to attend on Friday 21st June for all the above plus building their own game of 3 Man’s Morris, striking a historic coin to take home and taking part in a scavenger hunt, all for free by booking with Friends of Craigtoun. (Update: school sessions are now fully booked).


21st Jun 2024 - 23rd Jun 2024
10:00am - 4:00pm


Craigtoun Country Park
St Andrews
KY16 8NX
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