Volunteering at Craigtoun Park

When I heard that Craigtoun was in danger of closing and that a determined group of people were going to try and ensure that didn’t happen, I was only too glad to help in any way I could.  Like many people in this area, I had known and loved Craigtoun all my life and the thought of losing this gem didn’t bear thinking about.  It has been so gratifying to witness what a huge success this has been and to have played a small part in it.  Volunteering duties are varied – I have spent a lot of time at the bouncy castles, watching many children have fun and ensuring that is done in a safe way and I have thoroughly enjoyed being a guard on Puffin’ Billy, driving around and seeing all aspects of the park.  Also, being a guard on the train – where else but at Craigtoun would the train be stopped, not for leaves on the line or the wrong kind of snow but for a family of cygnets, who had to be gently encouraged to have their nap somewhere else?! The annual events at Halloween, Christmas and Easter are always a lot of fun and you get to dress up too! (Sometimes with thermal layers and hot water bottles when it is bitterly cold!!)   Mostly though, I enjoy meeting all the people, staff as well as visitors, and it is so lovely to see all the happy smiling faces, and the wee ones coming for the first time just amazed at all the things they can do.  It is very satisfying hearing how so many people who have known the park are delighted that it continues for them and their children and grandchildren –  that is what it is all about and I am very glad to be involved in it.

Peggy Rowan

Postscript from the Friends of Craigtoun:
Every year, Peggy donates a generous amount of home baking to our Macmillan Coffee Morning and her carrot cake is truly second to none!